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Yet another reason to employ an off-site backup of your business-critical data

Many of you have heard of ransomware and the havoc it can cause. Last spring, we reported on a previous strain that represented an escalation in sophistication of such attacks, which eliminated the possibility of using Windows’ own mini-backup (for lack of a better term) called Shadow Copy. For those of you who who might […]

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Some things we can’t protect you from

While we do our best to make sure your computers are covered by anti-virus protection, and we recommend adding a further layer of “malware” protection on top of that, users still must remain vigilant to avoid clicking on links from e-mail that could compromise their account or even their network. What I’m talking about are […]

Ransomware Ups the Ante

…And they keep on coming. A new, more troubling ransomeware virus is on the loose. CryptoFortress combines the nasty features of its predecessors (encrypting important files, and deleting Windows’ VSS backups of those files — even on mapped drives), and goes further by reaching out to all network shares — whether or not they’re actually […]