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Yet another reason to employ an off-site backup of your business-critical data

Many of you have heard of ransomware and the havoc it can cause. Last spring, we reported on a previous strain that represented an escalation in sophistication of such attacks, which eliminated the possibility of using Windows’ own mini-backup (for lack of a better term) called Shadow Copy. For those of you who who might […]

Ransomware Ups the Ante

…And they keep on coming. A new, more troubling ransomeware virus is on the loose. CryptoFortress combines the nasty features of its predecessors (encrypting important files, and deleting Windows’ VSS backups of those files — even on mapped drives), and goes further by reaching out to all network shares — whether or not they’re actually […]

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Ten of the Best Apps for Business Owners

As apps become more prevalent and more powerful, entrepreneurs and small business owners are relying on these savvy tools to help their businesses grow and run more smoothly. These top 10 mobile and web apps can get you organized, connected and visible – and they will likely contribute to your success: 1) Evernote Ever had a […]