Announcement:  As of the end of the day, March 1st, 2019, we are no longer providing support services. If you are in need of technical support, I've arranged for the following support alternatives:

I started as a one-man operation as Mongiardo Enterprises with a couple of law firm clients in Hazard back in 1998. Through referrals alone, the business eventually grew into Techs in Lex, and served a wide variety of businesses in Central and Eastern Kentucky with the help of a great bunch of IT technicians over the last several years. After over 20 years in business, I’ve made the difficult but necessary decision to cease support operations as of the end of business today, March 1st, 2019.

What does this mean for you? After today, Techs in Lex will no longer be providing remote or on-site support services. Since you are one of our currently active clients with whom we work regularly, or who have ongoing projects, web/e-mail hosting, or service agreements with us, I wanted to provide you with contact information for getting the support you need moving forward. That information appears at the end of this message. I do apologize for the abrupt notice, and especially because I know almost all of you beyond the professional level, I wish that I could have reached out personally to each of you to make this announcement.

As a practical matter, for several of you, we have hosted your e-mail on the GSuite or Microsoft hosting platform. As those accounts are transitioned to the successor IT support firm of your choice, billing will likewise transition. If your e-mail is included with your web hosting service that you have with us, I’ll continue to provide and bill for those services and for any domain name registrations you have with us, until you have an alternate provider. As well, I will be sending invoices for recent work we’ve done for you, and will continue to bill monthly service subscriptions, domain name registration, etc., until those accounts are transferred to someone else.

For any questions you may have, please e-mail me or leave a voicemail at (859) 273-0817 extension 701.

I truly appreciate the loyalty you’ve shown to Techs in Lex even as the faces of the techs visiting you changed over the years, and I wish you the best.

Vince Mongiardo

Ed Williams (formerly of Techs in Lex)
Prompt Response Technology
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Dean Dorton Technology Consulting
Support information: 859-425-7700
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Jason Miller, Director of Business Consulting Services
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Ed will be moving back to Lexington by April 1 to begin his own tech business, taking on whatever Techs in Lex clients who choose to go with him. Just as he has for the last year or two, he can continue to provide support remotely until he’s back in Lexington, although those needing on-site assistance in the interim may need to engage another tech firm if Ed hasn’t made arrangements for an on-site helper. Dean Dorton Technology Consulting, is a division of Dean Dorton Allen Ford, PLLC, and has a large group of dedicated IT professionals that help clients with a wide variety of technology needs.